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James Satterfield Middle School Library

Librarian: Stacey Gregory


I'm looking forward to the 2023-24 school year with the students and faculty of JSMS. The library will be a place for students to read, research, explore and grow. There has been a tremendous foundation laid for reading and I will continue to build the collection. We have great days ahead!

The mission of a librarian:

  • To cultivate a love for reading.
  • Create a safe and inviting environment for students. 
  • Provide resources and training for the inquiry process. 
  • Collaborate with students and teachers; guiding them towards the best methods for creating and sharing information.
  • Integrate services with the school’s mission and goals.
  • Model lifelong learning by engaging in relevant and sustained professional development.

I am committed to this mission and offer my assistance to each student and teacher.



Why Read?